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The More the Merrier

We keep growing and adding more options for you. Take a look at some of our new pills down below. Time to Party!


  • Using the free shipping option, what would be the time frame for shipment from your location to Detroit, MI 48206?

  • I put in the wrong email when making the purchase, is there anyway I could have the tracking number sent to my number/correct email?

    • Satisfaction is guaranteed on all the pills whichever you decide to try. Please send us a message in the contact section with your email and we will give you some pill recommendations.

  • Hello, I have tried Blue Rhino in the pass. It worked great and last in Me 4 days. Do not see that any more. Thinking of ordering Rhino RHV7 24 pills. How do that compare with blue Rhino. I am 62 years old and healthy.

  • Which is the best pill to try? I am looking for maximum duration of sexual activity, and shortest recovery time. Thank you

    • To take advantage of the bonus pills we are offering you simply just need to place an order paying with our E-check payment method for at least $30.

      $30 – 1 bonus pill
      $50 – 3 bonus pills
      $75 – 4 bonus pills
      $125 – 8 bonus pills
      $150 – 10 bonus pills

      Please make sure to submit your E-check information correctly (routing and account number) or else your order will not go through and we do wait for the E-check to clear before we ship.

  • My old man had a friend tell us about Rhino. We tried it and have been addicted ever since. Now we cant seem to gind the ones that best work for both our pleaseures. It is Rhino 7platinum 700K. Lot #R258996. I am desperately trying to find this exact one. Please someone help me do so.

  • What do all of the numbers and designators mean? There’s FX25000, Blue Rhino, Ruby Rhino, Rhino Blitz, Extreme 60000, Rhino Maxxx, Platinum 500k, Extreme 150k, R-V7, Rhino 11, Rhino 25, Rhino 69, African Rhino and many, many others and the labeling on the packaging all say pretty much the same thing. It’s crazy. Is there any significance to any of it, because as far as I can tell, it’s just willy-nilly. Very strange and a little suspicious, to be honest. To date I’ve bought perhaps more than a dozen different “formulas” totaling at least $350.00 and I really can’t tell one from the other. They all work except for maybe 3 or 4 that I’ve taken, and because of the sheer number of different choices I’m not really sure which ones didn’t work. Is there anybody that can shine a little light on this please?

  • Is anybody going to reply to my post above? There must be some answers to the questions I asked. If you don’t know, then who does?

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